Poster for Marketing Serenity




This poster would be put in schools, and after school clubs, to show that their is support for the audience. Also, it would be the easiest and the most efficient way to reach out to my target audience.

I tried to keep information on the page to the minimum as, my audience, do not want to read a lot. At this age they are mainly attracted to the design and the colours of posters.

Poster for Marketing Serenity

Marketing an app

How to Promote an app:

A marketing campaign can be very useful to reach out to the target audience, otherwise they will not know about your product.

Places I can promote an app:

  • Build a microsite
  • Build a teaser Website
  • Start a blog
  • Share the content on Social Media
  • Create a video
  • Contact bloggers who would care
  • Paid adds

From looking at this list I think the types that would be appropriate to my product are; Building a microsite. This is a website that is designed to function as a supplement to the website. This will be useful, as this would mean that there will be another aspect of the product that the audience can find. This will just help to reinforce what the product does. This is the same concept to have with a teaser website, as it promotes it online, were my target audience will spend most of their time. I would not use a blog to advertise my app, as this platform is not as popular as, other means with my target audience, as for their age they are into vlogging. As a result, this means that contacting bloggers to promote the app will be more suitable. My target audience watches vloggers, “50% of 16-24”. This will allow me to entre different platforms, by using other means. Also, if the Vlogger feels passionately about this cause, then they would happily promote it. They have access to millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram, which will give the product more spread. Sharing content on social media is very likely to be used, as this is free for us to use, which will help to give us access to our target audience freely. Also by being on social media, it is a way for the audience to keep up to date with what is being developed with the app. Plus creating a video could be useful, as this is an extra visual aid to help give the viewer what to expect from the app, and try to convince that this is the app they want to use. This video can be promoted through social media as well.

The most efficient type of marketing if everything goes well, is “Word of mouth”, from people exposing this to other people is key, as recommendation is what makes people use certain products. This means our reviews on the app store is key. The more positive reviews the more people will be persuaded to use it. If the product functions well enough then, it could be reviewed by websites that specialise in psychology and mental health sites. This would mean more exposure.


Also working with schools, could be helpful, as there could be posters around the school to promote the app.




Marketing an app